On this page you can find some information about this blog and about me.

What about me.

My name is Alexander Volov and I live in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. Last 4+ years I work for one of the biggest investment bank as lead software developer. Basically, I have a an expirience in EJB 3.x, JPA 2.0, PL/SQL, Jboss 5-6, Oracle database, JMS. Some times ago I was intrested in Oracle certification and I passed following exams:


Now I’m trying to improve my knowledge in computer since, math and economics.

My blog.

I’ve created this blog to recall and supplement my knowledge on data structures, algorithms, java, english and everything which is related to computer science. Also, I hope that my blog will help someone to find useful information. So, if you find any mistakes or you have something to say regarding my posts I’ll be glad if you leave your comment. Thank you!

Best regards,
Alexander Volov
E-mail: alevolov@gmail.com
GitHub: https://github.com/alexvolov?tab=repositories
Skype: alex.volov


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